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Nothing We Can’t Handle

Boyas Excavating is the leader in construction and demolition debris disposal in Northeast Ohio. We accomplish this by providing a convenient location, efficient disposal and cost effective methods for demolition contractors, general contractors and developers to dispose of their construction and demolition debris.

Construction Debris – Anything that was part of a building such as drywall, boards, flooring, roofing and windows.

We do not accept the following: paper, toys, clothing, garbage, hot water tanks, mattresses, household goods, furniture, white goods, washers and dryers, industrial waste, solid waste, contaminated waste, paint, hazardous waste, asbestos, fly ash, solvents, plastics, liquid, tires, and drums.

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  • Sustainable

    Our business prioritizes environmentally-conscious practices to safeguard Ohio's land, water, and air quality, ensuring sustainable waste management for over three decades.

  • Safety-Focused

    With a paramount focus on safety, our landfill operates with rigorous safety measures in place, ensuring the well-being of both employees and visitors to our facility.

  • Compliant

    Committed to compliance, our landfill strictly adheres to state and federal regulations, guaranteeing the safe and lawful disposal of debris since 1985.

  • Responsible

    At Boyas and Pete & Pete, responsibility to the environment is at the core of our mission, driving our efforts to preserve the planet through responsible waste management practices.

Our Services

  • Recycling

    Get rid of the majority of your construction-related debris, and line materials up for recycling.

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  • Landfill & Dumping

    We comply with Ohio’s strict environmental regulations and do our best to manage your waste in the most responsible way possible.

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  • Landscape Products

    The products that we offer come with a quality guarantee.

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  • Dumpster Rental

    Ordering A Dumpster From Pete & Pete Couldn’t Be Easier.

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We have been customers at Boyas for several years now. Cannot say enough good things about this business. Pete is a great guy with great employees. He highly maintains the dump and all of his land/equipment. Prices are fair, and we've always gotten great quality of stone/mulch when needed. We are lifetime customers!

Nicolle Cruse

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