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Price Per Cubic Yard

  • Natural Brown Mulch $20 
  • Brown Mulch Retail $34 Wholesale $25
  • Black Mulch Retail $34 Wholesale $25
  • Red Mulch Retail $39 Wholesale $30

Prices are subject to change without notice. Please call ahead for bulk discount rates on large jobs.

All Natural Brown Mulch

Our Natural Brown Mulch is double shredded and made from 100% recycled organics. This mulch is inexpensive, yet rich in nutrients and aged to color. It makes a great soil amender and conditioner.

Brown mulch in Cleveland, Ohio Brown mulch, landscaping supplies in Cleveland, Ohio


Brown Mulch

Our Brown Mulch is double shredded and is a combination of organics and shredded lumber colored to a dark brown hue. We use the best dyes in the business.

Black mulch in Cleveland, Ohio   

Black Mulch

Our Black Mulch is a double shredded combination of organics and shredded lumber colored to a black hue. We use the best dyes available.

Red mulch in Cleveland, Ohio Red mulch, landscaping supplies in Cleveland, Ohio

Red Mulch

Our Red Mulch is a double shredded combination of organics and shredded lumber colored to a red hue.

The Benefits of Shredded Hardwood Mulch

The properties of shredded hardwood mulch make it ideal for all kinds of applications. Shredded hardwood mulch is organic and will enrich the soil as it decomposes. Mulch helps to suppress weeds and helps maintain the moisture in the soil which helps to feed plants. All our mulches are ground with dynamic screens to give them the proper size and texture for the perfect landscape.

Boyas produces 5 different types of mulches: Bark Mulch, Red, Black & Brown Dyed Mulches and an All Natural Mulch.

Is Hardwood Mulch Good for Landscaping?

>Hardwood mulch is the most popular mulch for use in landscaping. Adding mulch will create a uniform color across your landscape giving it a cohesive, eye-pleasing look. Mulch can also prevent soil erosion, weeds and conditions the soil as it decomposes which is beneficial for plants and soil quality.

Is Hardwood Mulch Good for Flower Beds?

Hardwood mulch is ideal for use in flower beds. Our bark mulch is blended with a small amount of leaves to give it a beautiful deep, dark brown color. Its fine size allows it to lay down, making it ideal for flower beds. Our all natural brown mulch is our most inexpensive but it’s made from 100% recycled organics and is rich in nutrients, this is ideal for new plants to ensure nutrients for new growth. Both of these mulches make excellent soil amenders and conditioners.

Mulch keeps soil moist by preventing water from evaporating, therefore the soil is less likely to become crusty or compact which makes it easier for water to penetrate down to plant’s roots. As it decomposes it improves the soil conditions, adding nutrients and then becoming high-quality organic topsoil itself. Since hardwood mulch does not wash away easily in heavy rain it prevents erosion and soil-splashing which could send soil-borne diseases onto your plants. A good layer of mulch will smother any existing weeds and prevent weed seeds from germinating. We suggest 1-2 inches for optimum coverage.

Where Else Can I Use Mulch?

Mulch is an excellent covering for playgrounds and trails since it will provide a cushion to walk and play on. It is an environmentally friendly option that requires little maintenance and maintains the natural aesthetic of outdoor areas.

Is Dyed Mulch Environmentally Friendly?

Our colored much is dyed with nontoxic, biodegradable dyes that are harmless to the environment and your plants. We use the best dyes available in our colored mulch. Dyes have improved drastically over the years and Boyas buys the best in the business. Our colored mulched are a combination of Green Waste and Recycled Clean Wood which not only give you longevity and a beautiful colored mulch but it also breaks down and adds nutrients back to the soil.

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