Limestone and Gravel


Price Per Ton

  • #8 Limestone $44
  • #10 Limestone $39
  • #57 Limestone $44
  • #304 Limestone $39


Price Per Ton

  • #1 & #2 Washed Gravel $55
  • #8 Washed Gravel $47
  • #34 Washed Gravel $55
  • #57 Washed Gravel $47

Prices are subject to change without notice. Please call ahead for bulk discount rates on large jobs.

Limestone in Cleveland, Ohio

Ranging from fine grit to larger pieces and a mixture of the two, Boyas’ limestone selections are a practical way to handle countless garden, landscape, and construction needs. Larger grades help to stabilize wet areas, while finer grit is an ideal substrate for paths and walkways. Medium-sized pieces work to promote even drainage and are a perfect backfill material under structures and hardscape. If you’re dabbling in xeriscape gardening, looking for a lawn replacement, developing a water feature or rock garden, or need a permanent mulch solution, we have the perfect size of bulk limestone for you.

Washed Gravel in Cleveland, Ohio

Washed gravel is a major step up from the typical gray, jagged substrate that’s used in construction the world over. Instead of having an industrial or utilitarian look, washed gravel is processed in a way that rounds out edges. The resulting look is more decorative, along the lines of what you might refer to as river rocks, but at a far more affordable cost. Our popular Ruby Red mix is a crushed red granite product that boasts a range of colors, from dark red to a lighter pink, and even including metallic overtones.

Use smaller washed gravel to complement rain gardens, water features, rock gardens, pathways, firepits, outdoor kitchens, play areas, and more. A larger mix can provide drainage to wet areas, be used to form a dry riverbed, or protect the bank of a pond or water feature. This durable and attractive landscaping stone comes in an array of sizes and colors vary in the mix, allowing it to be used with a variety of design schemes.